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A gift card is the ideal gift for a loved one because it gives them flexibility to buy what they need and takes of the weight on you deciding what to get.

What Can Our Gift Card Be Used For:

A New Life Gift Card can be used to;

  1. Pay for shopping on our website (They just need to  enter the card number upon checkout).
  2. Pay for shopping in our physical shop at commercial avenue (They just need to present card to cashier).
  3. Pay for shopping done by phone. (They just need to call us or message us on whatsapp to tell us the items they need, and give us their card number).

What Happens When A gift Card Is Purchased?

When a gift card is bought, the recipient will receive a physical card which they can either pick up in the shop or be delivered the card at home.

The card will be handed alongside a leaflet with instructions on how to use the card. We are more than happy to further explain to them for better understanding.

However, the recipient can start shopping immediately they receive their card number from us, which we’ll send by text.

What To Do When Funds In Card Are Exhausted?

Our gift cards are very durable and can be reloaded and reused.

To reload an existing gift card, check the ‘reload gift card’ box and enter the existing gift card number.

Alternatively, the Gift Card Owner can contact us by phone, text or whatsapp and give instructions for us to top up their card.

Can I Send Someone To Shop With My Gift Card?

We very well understand the need to sometimes send another member of the household to use your gift card. We’d usually contact you by phone, just to double check.

What Happens If I Loose My Gift Card

Please alert us immediately you realise you have lost your shopping card, so we can deactivate the current card and issue a new one.



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