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New Life Supermarket is a grocery shop based in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. We are located at the heart of Bamenda, along the commercial avenue and we have been providing for the grocery needs of the Bamenda population for more than 30 years.

We specialise in retail wholesale and distribution of grocery, quality electronics and general household needs.


The name New Life Supermarket sounds familiar to most people who have lived in Bamenda. New Life Supermarket is one of the first grocery shops to exist in Bamenda. New Life was started over 30 years ago by Mathias Saya Abanda who was an indigene of Bamenda.
Mr. Abanda worked for several institutions including the Public Works Department in Kumba and the West Cameroon Development Corporation in Santa, before being laid off when the Santa Coffee Estate where he worked at the time was liquidated in the 70’s.
The young gentleman returned to Bamenda and started up a small provision store selling cement, plywood and other related items.
In the mid 80’s Mathias saw the need of a grocery shop in Bamenda and so changed his business concept by opening a grocery shop. This was the birth of NEW LIFE SUPERMARKET.
Over time, New Life Supermarket became the most renowned grocery shop in Bamenda, at one time having 4 branches, including a wholesale department.
Mathias passed in July 2017, leaving the business with new management who are still members of his family.


Our goal at New Life Supermarket is to provide a SAFE, RELIABLE and CONVENIENT shopping service for all residents in Bamenda, and to provide a platform for which people abroad and in other parts of the country can provide for their loved ones in Bamenda.


Since the taking over of New Life Supermarket by new management, Bamenda has been in a crisis which has led to a downturn in the economy.

The emergence of COVID 19 in Cameroon has made things worse. Despite the risk of this deadly disease, we consider it a duty to make sure all residents in Bamenda still have access to food and other daily necessities.

Our online shopping department will help to facilitate shopping for the basic needs of all residents in Bamenda.

The main reasons why we created an online grocery department are as follows:

  1. To make grocery shopping SAFER and more CONVENIENT for all residents of Bamenda.
  2. To help reduce the exposure of our customers to COVID 19.
  3. To give our customers abroad a cheaper means to provide for their loved ones in Bamenda.To improve communication and provide a better shopping experience for all our customers.

Why Choose Us?


We have the fairest prices you’d find in the market. We also have very frequent deals and discounts all year round for you so you can shop easily from our website


We are centrally located in the heart of Bamenda. You can also shop with us from anywhere in the world for your loved ones in Bamenda with delivery at their doorsteps


Our website is very secure and we make sure your data is very safe.Our reliable SSL secures all personal data on our website


We are the oldest supermarket in Bamenda. We make sure all our products are of high quality and well within expiry date


We always support our local community in Bamenda. Most of our farm products are cultivated by local farmers in Bamenda


Our customer service is second to none in Cameroon. We always strive all our customers need and we always leave our customers very happy


At new life supermarket, we love helping people. When you shop with us a fraction of your money goes to support local charity organizations.


We always provide you exciting monthly discount offers & deals so you can make your day special with us by enjoying our amazing deals


New Life Supermarket is managed by indigenes of Bamenda. We love and value our people and will dedicate our all to serve and provide their needs.

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