Bel Afric Mixed Vegetables – 800g
Bertini Refined extra virgin olive Oil – 1L
Bottle of liquid maggi seasoning 250g
Crisco Pure Vegetable oil – 1.41L
Curry Powder 539g
Farrow’s Giant Marrowfat Peas – 300g
Ferba Mushroom – 780g
Fine Powder Garlic – 595g
Food club iodized Salt – 737g
Fresh Tomatoes (Iron tomatoes) – bowl of 1kg
Great Value Vegetable Oil – 1.42L
Kirkland Organic Extra virgin olive oil – 2L
Large bowl of white onions  – bowl of 1kilogram
Liquid red pepper

Liquid red pepper

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Maggi crevette (crayfish) large pack of 60cubes
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