A can of Bavaria drink (Apple flavor) – 500ml
A Can of Malta Guinness – 330ml
A can of Van Pur malt coffee flavor -500ml
A can of Van Pur malt Vanilla flavor – 500ml
A Palette of  Bavaria drink Apple flavor (24 cans)-500ml
A palette of Extra Fresco drink (24 bottles) – 300ml
A Palette of Malta Guinness (24 cans) – 330cl
A palette of Van Pur malt Coffee flavor(24 cans)-500ml
Apalete of Van Pur malt Vanilla flavor(24 cans)-500ml
Bon Voyage (cabernet sauvignon) no alcohol – 75cl
Bonne Nouvelle  ( red wine) no alcohol – 750ml
Bonne Nouvelle  ( white wine) no alcohol – 750ml
Bottle of American Cola – 350ml
Bottle of extra fresco drink – 300ml
Bottle of geant drink(bubble up) lemon – 1.25L
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